What to do when the National Broadband Network (NBN) is connected to your home

Step 1

Contact your medical alarm service provider.

  1. Advise your medical alarm service provider that you are going to be connected to the NBN, and when you expect this to happen.
  2. Ask your medical alarm service which telecommunications providers (e.g.,Telstra, Optus or another provider) will support their medical alarm.
  3. Ask if there are any specific instructions you need to give to the telecommunications provider.
  4. Ask your medical alarm service about when and how to test your alarm after the NBN is connected.

Step 2

Contact your telecommunications provider.

  1. When you speak to your telecommunications service provider (e.g.Telstra, Optus) about the NBN, tell them you have a medical alarm.
  2. Ask your provider to: Confirm that a technician from the telecommunications provider will visit your premises to install and test the NBN service, including the cabling to your alarm. It is suggested that you also ask if there will be a charge for any extra work that may be required to fix cabling issues. Confirm that the NBN connection includes a back-up battery so that it continues to work during power outages.

If the provider cannot confirm the above it is recommended that you: 1. do not enter into any agreement or contract 2. contact your medical alarm service provider for further advice.

Step 3

Information for the NBN Co and telecommunications technicians.

When the NBN Co technician arrives at your home: Tell the technician you want the NBN box to be installed in a convenient location in the premises near the incoming telephone line, (the existing exchange line).

When then telecommunications technician arrives at your home: 1. Tell the technician that you have a medical alarm and it needs to b econnected to the new service. 2. Test your medical alarm before the technician leaves the premises, (follow the testing instructions from your alarm service provider).

If you are not comfortable that your alarm is working correctly on the NBN service then, ask the technician to reconnect the telephone and alarm to the original service until the problem is resolved.

In this case, contact your medical alarm service and telecommunications provider for further assistance).

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