WARNING – Buyer Beware – “Non-Monitored” Personal Alarm Systems

Choice magazine has recently pointed out the pitfalls of various “non–monitored” personal alarm systems in general by spotlighting these unmonitored personal alarms in their Shonkys awards list: https://www.choice.com.au/shonky-awards/hall-of-shame/shonkys-2023/personal-alarms. This effectively highlights the importance of selecting a correctly monitored and compliant personal emergency response system that contacts a dedicated call centre for consumers to be able to choose the correct system that takes care of their needs. As the recognized industry body representing these systems (PERSL) we highly recommend that buyers beware before purchasing a personal alarm system that they think will cover their needs. As such we again gazette our initial bulletin on this associated with non-monitored and or non-compliant personal emergency alarm systems in general. For more information – https://persl.com.au/buyer-beware-non-as4607-compliant-medical-alarms/