BUYER BEWARE- non AS4607 compliant medical alarms

It’s recently been brought to our attention that due to the scale of investment required from the 4G network upgrade, some operators across aged care are being enticed to invest in non-AS4607 standard-compliant medical alarms. Whilst it may appear to make good financial sense at the outset, buyers beware as there are hidden risks with installing in your community an alarm that does not meet industry standards. A short-term benefit now could, in the long run, cost you much more…

Australian Standard – AS 4607 defines the minimum performance, design, and operation requirements for Personal Emergency Response Services and Systems for Australians. It is the Australian Standard by which Personal Emergency Monitoring centres and the Alarms used to protect vulnerable Australians are defined and must exceed. It includes the requirement to meet criteria such as technical performance of alarm equipment, response centres’ responsibilities and procedures, risk management practices, installation procedures and record keeping.

It is our strong recommendation that anyone seeking to upgrade their fleet ensures that the system chosen is independently Certified as Standards Compliant. It’s an important duty of care to ensure that the system you advocate can be relied upon when it matters most.

If you’re looking to upgrade your medical alarm simply ask your prospective medical alarm supplier for a copy of their AS4607 Compliance Certificate. If it’s not a certified standards complaint, it’s not worth it.