Important Information about Telstra’s 3G shutdown – Now less than 17 months remaining

We wanted to remind you that the 3G Network will be closed on 30th June 2024, so if you haven’t
already started, it’s time to prepare your business for the future on our advanced Telstra Network.
On 9th October 2019, we announced that we would close our 3G Network in June 2024. After this
date, your 3G-only devices will no longer be able to access the 3G network and your devices will not
be able to make voice calls unless they are 4G voice calling enabled. To maintain your services, you
will need to upgrade any 3G devices to alternative devices that are 4G and/or 5G compatible.
Telstra will assist and work with you during this time to help with your transition.

What you need to do

With less than 2 years remaining, it is important that you begin your migration to another technology
as soon as possible to reduce the likelihood of business and service disruption. Telstra will work with
you to assist in migration planning and discuss suitable alternatives for your business.
If your 3G service/s are no longer required, please arrange cancellation via our self-service portal,
your Telstra Partner or engage us for further support.
If you are not the end customer or user of Telstra 3G-only products and services, please ensure that
you notify your customers about Telstra’s 3G network closure.

Do you have High-Risk services reliant on the 3G Network?

Please ensure you allow additional time to migrate services that are high-risk in nature, for example,
if they are used by vulnerable customers ie. emergency services, or medical alert devices. Please
reach out to us as soon as possible if you require additional support in migrating high-risk services.

What’s next

Please work with your Telstra Representative to get an updated view of your impacted services and
continue co-ordinating your transitions.
Visit our website at Telstra 3G Service Closure for more about Telstra 3G closure and advanced
network options for your business or up-to-date coverage maps please go to our coverage & rollout

In summary, the 3G shutdown is fast approaching and it is important for your business to understand
this impact and to have a plan and roadmap in place to ensure that you and/or your customers are
not impacted.