3G Network Shutdown impacts Medical Alarms in Australia

The Personal Emergency Response Services Limited (PERSL) is the Australian peak body representing manufacturers, suppliers, monitoring services and consumers of 24/7 monitored Medical Alarms and Personal Response Services (PRS) throughout Australia.

PERSL members are reporting issues with the coverage of the existing 3G mobile wireless network. Although Telstra are not planning on turning off the 3G network until mid-2024, and other carriers are yet to make an announcement, PERSL members are reporting that 3G services appear to be degrading across Australia.

It has also been reported to PERSL members that the 5G network roll-out is adversely affecting the performance of the existing 3G networks coverage and capacity.

PERS (Personal Emergency Response Service) impact summary

– Australian PERS users should be aware that 3G/4G cellular networks are “best effort” networks and do not have a guaranteed Quality of Service.

– The coverage and capacity of 3G networks will be increasingly impacted leading up to network shutdown. PERS alarms should be upgraded, prior to the shutdown, to newer technologies including 4G.

– Medical alarms that use the 3G network should be used with care. 3G medical alarms should be upgraded or replaced as soon as practicable and, in any case, well in advance of the 3G shut-down.

– The life-span of a medical alarm is now significantly shorter than it was in years past due to the rapid change to telecommunication services within Australia.

3G Wireless Network Shutdown – Medical Alarm Industry Statement