Connecting Medical Alarms to the NBN

The National Broadband Network (the NBN) is planned to provide a high-speed optical fibre connection to 93% of Australians, with the remaining 7% in non-urban areas served by a lower speed wireless or satellite service.

If built as proposed, the NBN will ultimately replace the copper network and looks set to obsolete all other public fixed-line telecommunications networks in Australia.

Medical alarms supplied by PERSL members are expected to work correctly when connected to the NBN.

However the battery back-up time on the NBN is very short, and will only work for a few hours during a power failure in customer’s premises.

It is also vitally important that your NBN customer equipment is set-up correctly to work with your medical alarm, and that your selected Retail Service Provider (RSP) can support that set-up.

If the NBN is rolling-out in your area, call your medical alarm service provided BEFORE YOU SIGN ANY CONTRACT FOR THE NBN SERVICE.

Your medical alarm service provider will assist you to select an RSP that is likely to support the continued operation of your medical alarm over the NBN.